Up in the sky afis

Reunight - UpInTheSky

Are you afraid of heights? Better not!
This time, we RE U NIGHT  #UpInTheSky
For our first party of the year, we invite you at Sole Events on the 15th floor, in the heart of the city!
*Breathtaking view included*
Let’s meet on 28 February and party with our head in the clouds!
Dancing, Drinking, Socializing, Creating the best memories together, once again!
Dress code: KeepYourHeadInTheClouds
Location: Sole Events (Bd. Iancu de Hunedoara 48) - 15th floor
Partners: ALT.FEL.; Logic Rental; Crama Rasova
- starts at 10 PM
- by invitations until 12 PM
For table reservations: 0754 328 790
-tickets available online & at the entrance.
Caution: limited number.
We reserve the right to select our clients.
Minors can’t attend the event.

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