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Retro Manele Sunrise~ 1st May Edition

We bring our magic at the seaside, where the sound of the waves will be the echo of the good music that we’ll bring straight to the beach of Mamaia, in an exotic setting, at TULUM Mamaia.

We take over the summer with lots of memories to be made, lots of photos to be taken and lots of shots to be drunk.

Whether our songs are about love, money or enemies, it's music that made history, so we invite you to catch the sunrise together at Retro Manele Sunrise, 30th of April, by the sea.

Get ready for the summer with MANELOGIA!


In the lineup of the event we will bring together commercial music with all-time favorite hits from manele.
Are you coming with your friends?
For table reservations and other information: 0739.053.737

How can I get in?
Admission is based only on the bracelet, within the available seats, and tickets can be purchased online ( in three stages:

  • Early-bird tickets : 60 lei
  • Second wave tickets : 70 lei
  • Last tickets : 80 lei (online & at the entrance)

TULUM Mamaia
Dress code: casual in bright summer colors
By purchasing the ticket you agree that the photo / video / audio materials made during the event will be used by the organizers and partners for the purpose of promotion.  They will stay on our channels and will not be deleted.



  • We reserve the right to select our participants.
  • Some data may change over time.
  • Access +18
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