Reggaeton takeovers afis

Reggaeton Takeovers

Our first baby aka Hip Hop Takeovers is big now, so it’s time for ANOTHER ONE.

From DJ Khaled’s voice to J Balvin’s espanol : “ Si necesita reggaeton, ¡dale! “

Long story short, you know how we party: the broken dancefloors, the lit memories. The only thing you need to get clear about is this genre change. We are expanding our niche so that soon all the good cravings will be professionally satisfied. Hip Hop Takeovers and Reggaeton Takeovers will be two close brothers having different musical perspectives, both aggressively prioritizing quality.

We are launching this new concept on the 26th of October, north side Aperitivo by ISOLETTA. The party will be indoor, by the lake.

Y’all know the drill: positive chaos.
Music code: definitely #reggaeton w/ #hiphop
DJ: DJ Amilly
Location: Aperitivo Herastrau.
Partners: Jägermeister, DjSuperStore, Badass Dj , Carlsberg, Granini Romania, Somersby, 1664 Blanc, evian, Hamzie, Bahaos, Mysterium, McQueen and the Violet Fog, Bumbu Rum.

-by invitations ‪until 8PM
-tickets: 40 lei online / 50 lei at entrance.
-rsvp tables: 0743.110.329 / 0735.658.904

Caution: limited number.

We reserve the right to select our clients.

Minors can’t attend the event.

Conform informarii 1544/08.03.2020 emise de Ministerul de Interne, directia pentru Situatii de Urgenta, evenimentele cu peste 1000 de participanti sunt suspendate temporar pana la data de 31.03.2020.

Evenimentele cu peste 1000 de locuri vor fi reprogramate dupa aceasta data, biletele ramand valabile pentru accesul la noua reprezentatie.

Acest spectacol nu este afectat direct de aceasta decizie, fie din cauza capacitatii sub 1000 de locuri fie din cauza datei de desfasurare, riscul conform tabelului fiind oricum moderat/redus.

Daca aveti deja bilete achizitionate si acest spectacol va suferi vreo modificare, veti fi instiintat prin sms.

Documentul oficial poate fi consultat aici: Comunicat ISU

In acest moment nu sunt bilete disponibile.
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